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Rastogi was helped by his brother in the United States, who was at the helm of a similar operation there, Allied Deals Inc. Its failure followed that of Allied Deals, which eventually led to the trial and conviction on fraud charges of several principals and staff at that company. Narendra Rastogi, who pleaded guilty to U. All comments are subject to editorial review. All fields are compulsory.

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Quick nav Search. Search Search: Go. Copying and distributing are prohibited without permission of the publisher. Email a friend Your email: Please enter your email address. PEOPLE Final Act for the rastogi brothers Keywords: The curtain has opened on what may be the closing act in a multinational fraud case involving India-born brothers Virendra and Narendra Rastogi, dozens of associates, two wives, a mistress, their defunct metals trading companies and losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Stay tuned. Sure, his industry was a taboo topic in orthodox Indian circles, but thanks to his legendary success, Banerjee was a visible example of the success of Indians in America. Unfortunately, this ambassador of the Indian-American success story soon also degenerated into the poster boy of Indian-American crime.

Police hold four in US metals inquiry

His convictions for mucky racketeering, attempts to burn down competing nightclubs, and murder conspiracies led him to a year jail sentence. In those days, Banerjee stuck out like a sore thumb amidst a community of Indian immigrants that was almost wholly focused on productive citizenship. An Indian in an American jail was quite an oddity.

Not anymore. Granted, in the overall American crime scenario, Indians and South Asians are still inconsequential. In fact, statistically crime is so low in these communities that there are no formal studies or reports done on crime in these demographic groups. Yet, even a cursory scanning of the community media reveals an increasing number of incidents. Apprehended in Georgia, Palipurath had fired at two other individuals at the Church, one of whom also died. The case serves as a chilling reminder of the growing incidents of domestic violence in the South Asian community.

Somewhere between the ghastly domestic feuds and crimes committed by youngsters lies a whole array of white-collar crimes. Vijay K. The Washington Post cites this as the largest mortgage fraud case in the state of Virginia in almost 20 years and among the largest nationally. He is also a show promoter who has staged several high profile Bollywood shows and concerts all over the U.

In November , Taneja confessed in federal court that his entertainment ventures were funded through a mortgage fraud scheme. Following his sentencing in January , Taneja could face up to 20 years in prison.

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Ever since his arrest in , Jon has been hogging headlines for all the wrong reasons. A number of young women, some models, some aspiring models, accused the year-old of sexual crimes.

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The case dragged on for months, and with each passing month, it seemed the number of models implicating him increased. In November , Jon was found guilty of one count of rape, 15 counts of sexual assault and several other charges. Jon starts a life sentence in prison on January He would be eligible for parole only after 67 years. Karthik Rajaram, a highly qualified finance executive who had worked for major accounting firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers, was at the center of the tragic murder-suicide case where he killed his wife, his three children and his mother-in-law before killing himself.

The year-old man from San Fernando Valley, California, was deeply troubled on account of having lost his fortunes to the rapidly turned tides in the stock market, along with being jobless for several months. What do the rising number of crime incidents say about the community? More accurately, the recent crime incidents may just be a reflection of a community reaching a critical mass where it is no longer a homogenous whole that can be confined by singular descriptions.

If Indian-Americans are well-educated, high-earning achievers, they are also the struggling new immigrants trying to find a foothold in their new homeland. Apart from being doctors, engineers and businesspersons, Indian-Americans also work at gas pumps, construction sites, retail stores, drive freight trucks and cabs, and so on.

The number of Asians without health insurance coverage rose to Census Bureau report in August Moreover, in spite of the high education standards, 23 percent of Indians had limited English proficiency and 11 percent of Indians lived in linguistically isolated households, as reported by the U. Census Bureau in This stepping out of homogeneity means that the community as a whole is now susceptible to all that plagues the mainstream as well.

Crime in the Indian American community does not lend itself to easy slotting. In a few recent cases, the clash of orthodox Indian seniors with the unconventional matrimonial choices of their offspring took a sinister turn—resulting in murder. Rai, a former student at historically black Atlanta University and then a math professor at historically black Alcorn State University in Mississippi, ran a supermarket in a predominantly black area in Jackson.

In he bought a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, where his year-old son Rajeev Ricky was the general manager. Ricky hired Sparkle, a year-old African American and an Atlanta native, as a clerk. Two months after they started dating, she was pregnant.

Eight months or so after their daughter Analla was born, she married Ricky in March This marriage, according to the prosecution in the Rai case, was strongly disapproved by Rai who, they claimed, considered an African American daughter-in-law a stigma on the family reputation. His seven-month-old daughter Analla was crying in a nearby room, but was unharmed.

The prosecution claimed that Rai, through co-defendants Willie Fred Evans and Herbert Green, hired hitman Cleveland Clark to have his daughter-in-law murdered. While many of the details of the case are murky, and defendants Evans and Green were found to have lied to investigators and even on the witness stand, Rai was nevertheless convicted for the contract killing of Sparkle.

In the case of Subhash Chander—a year-old resident from Oak Forest, a suburban city in the Chicago area, caste bigotry appears to be the motive. He was charged with three counts of first-degree murder, one count of intentional homicide of the unborn child, as well as one count of aggravated arson. When she was 19 she had gone to Pakistan for an arranged marriage to a cousin twice her age. After marriage, she had lived in the United States while her husband remained in Pakistan.

In April he came to her family home in Jonesboro, but he moved to Chicago days later, leaving her here. She desperately wanted to end her marriage and by July had not spoken with her father in two months due to their strong disagreement on the issue. On July 1, she filed for divorce.

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A few days later Rashid strangled his daughter with a bungee cord at the family residence. The cases seem to be extreme examples of intolerance and bigotry. What makes them even more complex is the fact that they revolve around traditional and orthodox senior citizens.

However, they seem to be exceptions in a culture where fathers, and parents in general, are known to go to great lengths of sacrifice for the good of their children. The total number of victims of such abuse adult and children that they helped was This does not include the number of women who might go to other organizations or the calls they get from other agencies needing technical assistance in serving the South Asian women that come to them.

The rising number of such cases is also reported by other support organizations such as California-based Maitri and Narika, and New Jersey-based Manavi. Collectively these agencies receive over 4, calls annually from women seeking legal and health assistance, social services, basic information about their rights, and referrals. Quite often, people tend to use violence because it is a pattern they witnessed or grew up with or sadly, because it works. Children who witness violence often learn that violence can get them what they want; when they grow up, as a result they may use the same patterns as the violent adults in their lives.

Many other crimes could occur due to the inequities we have in our society, or due to the abuse that was witnessed or endured either when the person was a child or an adult. For most, it is ultimately about having power and control over another person or a situation. According to Bhattacharya and others who are involved in support services, this category of crime is particularly insidious as the victim often suffers for years behind closed doors—literally and even symbolically, considering the stigma associated with domestic violence in the community. Four Indian metal traders charged in international bank scam

For every Palipurath who makes the headlines, there are countless other perpetrators who go unnoticed, let alone held accountable for their actions. The only other crimes that seem to recur fairly often in the community are fraud and white-collar crimes. Like Vijay Taneja, there have been others conning everybody from organizations to unsuspecting people.