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It ended up being us and 15 of his buddies. He kept trying to figure out how I got them all timed perfectly to arrive in intervals. All I am saying is…it was epic. Anniversary Coin. This is such a cute gift that you can either make or buy. Just get a penny with the year you were married, and attach a fun charm like a heart. For some more fun and unique ideas, visit my post Meaningful and Fun Christmas traditions to start with your family.

I'm six-foot tall mother of three and I'm enjoying the view! I'm currently fighting a battle with Lyme disease and am determined to come out victorious.

I enjoy warm summer rain, peanut butter everything, having dance parties with my husband and kids, natural remedies and healthy living. Most days I'm just looking for another excuse to avoid the piles of laundry. What a fun post! Thanks for linking back to SomewhatSimple. Have a great evening! You should add a reverse surprise party to the list! Great ideas! I like so many of them. My hubby and I are not the romantic types no time with two ages two and under and one on the way! Thanks for sharing!

LOVED this post! I saw it on Pinterest. Thank you!

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My husband is so hard to buy for like all the men in my life! I give him 12 notecards one for each month. Each card has two dessert choices or he can write in his own choice. This is also a lot easier on the budget than big gifts! What a fun idea, Leah! And he is so hard to buy for! So this is perfect for him!! I will definitely be doing this for his next birthday! Oh, man! I needed this idea so badly. This is a great idea! It was a great night out and he loved his first ride in a limo! I love this!!

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  • 1. Send Him on a Road Trip.

So many good ideas. Since I have zero interest in watching sports, I talked to his dad and 3 brothers and they all took him to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games together and fill up on wings. Then I got to celebrate with him the next night. Just had to say this is amazing!! My husband is impossible to buy for!

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None of his friends or family live close to us anymore so the video with everyone saying 3 words about and a b day message will be perfect! These ideas are perfect!!!! Love new ideas to mix it up! The boys thought they were going to the batting cages but ended up at an indoor softball field with everyone there. We had them pick their teams, put on their shirts we had shirts made and play a game. Plus a big after party with cupcakes and gifts! Sports and cake…Win win! This is a great niche!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

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Hi Tina! Thanks for sharing this! That moment of shock, confusion and joy from their faces is just epic! Then come early morning, I went down to his place, brought his fave cake, cooked him breakfast without him knowing since he was still sleeping from an overtime work the night before and I just woke him up with kisses. He loved it and kept talking about it for weeks! Another was when I wrapped 30 gifts for his 30th birthday, kinda similar to what you mentioned above. Comprised of things that he either like, like to have, often use that makes him kinda distinctive or unique, or something just to tease him.

He ended up laughing and crying. I gave him the real gift at the end. He was overwhelmed. Now his birthday is coming up, and you just gave me lots of fun ways to yet again surprise him. Thank you so much! If its ok with you, can you share your gift ideas? Oh wow these are awesome ideas. My husbands birthday is coming up in October, his birthday is on a Monday which makes it so awkward. He knows we are going out for dinner the evening but i really want to make it more fun and surprise him.

So i might do your Birthday Week Idea as that will definitely tie up with things and end it off on the saturday with a family lunch. However my main issue is a really really really want to make this fun and of course a never forget experience for him because he really deserves it. Anymore interesting suggestions. I did a surprise birthday dinner for my husband this year. We were in Vegas so we had his family fly out and meet us. It was a blast and he had no idea!

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So I asked a few friends for ideas for a nice gaming computer that would fit our budget. They gave me specs, I forwarded it to local computer shops to get quotes, three months before his b-day. The day of his b-day I told him I had to go to town and I picked up all the parts for the computer. Note: It was not assembled. I packed the various boxes out on an unused desk, arranged them nicely so they would look like a display in a computer shop when he walked in.

Added some balloons, confetti, silver bows on the boxes, etc. Got the camera ready and told him to come in. He opened the door, cautiously. Then he saw the display and his mouth dropped open and stayed open for a minute. Then, without going to the desk, he came over to me with tears in his eyes and gave me a big, big hug. It really makes you feel good when you hit the mark like that. The best thing in the world is to be able to make the person you love happy.

21 Love Coupon Ideas That Won’t Make You Roll Your Eyes

His favourite movie ever, was one he never saw at the cinema. He would watch it on dvd and sigh, saying every time how he wished he had seen it on the big screen. So, I hired out one of the smaller cinemas at our local complex and arranged a private screening.