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He enjoys playing sports, and started growing a gray-streak in his hair at age 12! This outgoing thrill seeker hopes to one day travel to Dubai and race as many high end cars as she can. In the meantime she will have to settle on ziplining through a West Virginian forest and playing video games. Danielle has a degree in photography and in her free time volunteers to photograph events at NYU Winthrop Hospital. She also loves taking pictures of food, mainly desserts! She is the youngest of four girls, and they're named in alphabetical order.

You can always find her drinking iced coffee! Helen grew up in Hangzhou, China and Boston, and has three cats. She practices Kendo and would love to travel to South American and learn Spanish.

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She's been skydiving and once had a pet snake. She loves Game of Thrones, avocados, and hiking. While Daisy likes belly rubs, weekend trips to her grandparents' house, and bell peppers, she really doesn't like strangers, cats, and cucumbers. Her love has to be earned, which makes it all the more special. His favorite movie is Top Gun, and he's a big Dallas Cowboys fan. When he's not working in the receiving department at SupplyHouse. Those are the worst. A Long Island native, Tom worked with us for four years in the warehouse and product support before deciding to pursue his MBA.

After graduating he returned to lead the marketing team. Born and raised in Spark, Nevada, Perla loves to eat Her absolute dream vacation would be traveling to New Orleans to eat all of their amazing food while also embracing the culture and history. She has three pet dogs, but her ultimate favorite animal is the white tiger! Mark can most usually be found kicking back on his couch with his family eating sandwiches and catching up on the latest television hits, movies, or wrestling.

Lighting Direct Coupon Code

If Katie is planning your vacation, you are probably going to Woodlock Pines. She loves this mountain lake resort. If she is planning your evening in the house, you are probably going to be marathoning Parks and Rec all night. Eileen grew up in Massapequa Park, New York.

Eileen loves spending her free time at the beach, especially going out to Montauk for the day. She also enjoys gardening. Roy, who grew up in San Jose, California, would one day love to travel to Italy and explore. The most exciting place he's visited so far is the Grand Canyon. In his free time he loves spending time with his cat, reading comic books, and watching Game of Thrones.

Adam wants to one day backpack across Europe, starting in Iceland and ending in Russia. Emma loves people. An educated pup, Emma is a trained field trial dog. Her one weakness is the cat she has to live with. He always has his trusty stuffed cow by his side. At age 19 Mila moved to the U. With the hard part done, she earned a degree in Business Management and joined the SupplyHouse team. One of the best experiences of Joe's life was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Honduras. Corinne is a veteran pro at snowboarding and has a cat, Aura. Her dream vacation is traveling to Africa and photographing the wild animals.

Chris was born and raised on a farm in Botkins, Ohio. He's a fun-loving guy who is able to sink a shot from half court. He loves where he is now, but his dream vacation would be going to Jamaica and exploring on a glass-bottom expedition boat. He shares his home with one dog, one python, four geckos, a ten-gallon aquarium, and a tarantula!

When not taking care of them, Chris is practicing his backyard wrestling moves. For Breanna, nothing beats the great outdoors. At The Disco, or watching football! When not watching them play, he consumes any horror movie he can find, listens to Smashing Pumpkins, and creates content for his YouTube channel. Matti's dream vacation is traveling to Australia to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

She loves to travel, and has been to more countries than states. Her favorite place in the world so far is London. When she's not traveling, she loves to walk her dog, watch the San Francisco Giants, and eat sushi. Scott Grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and received a B. In his free time he enjoys playing the guitar and writing music.

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One of his most memorable past ventures was his time spent working on a vineyard in Spain. In case you didn't know, Melanie can sing! She is also a scheduled spontaneity seeker and a published book reviewer. One of her favorite snacks is ice cream Joe has traveled to 20 states and 68 National Parks, monuments, and historical sites.

He's actually seen a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral on the 4th of July! His hobbies include photography and collecting comic books.

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Let's not forget that he also has a cat named Half and Half. A friend to everyone, Philip moved from Africa to Ohio and later joined our team there. Outside of work, he likes to swim and play with his dog, Remember. He is overcome everyday with the burning passion to play the ukulele. In his free time Andrew enjoys creating music, playing shows, and making music videos. In his free time he enjoys cuddling on the couch, digging toys from under the blanket, and earning treats by giving his paw and rolling over.

For fun Amy likes to explore all the live music that comes through and resides in Columbus. When she has the time she likes to travel but she simple cannot be separated from her dog, Frankie, for too long. So short trips.

Likable Garage Door Supply House Coupon

If you are looking for a food recommendation around Columbus, Leo will direct you to Roosters. Born and raised in the city, he knows his way around. Christine's favorite show of all time is "I Love Lucy," and her favorite animal is a manatee. She's also performed at Carnegie Hall! Kristen knows accounting. She has a BS and MS in it! Aryan grew up in Nepal, and has always had a strong passion for soccer. He enjoys playing at any chance he get. In his free time he also enjoys a game or two of ping-pong. Sonia describes herself as happy, friendly, smart and down-to-earth!

She loves to paint and enjoys spending time with her Shih Tzu, Zoe. The only thing that takes precedence over it is watching Andy Dalton and the Bengals play on Sunday.

Kathy grew up in Kaifeng, China and has a Master's in Statistics. She loves spending time in the outdoors—hiking and camping are two of her favorite things to do.

She's visited Hilton Head Island, but her dream getaway is to travel across Europe, hitting all of the sights and restaurants. Princess, enjoys spending her free time with her family and boyfriend. She graduated with a B.

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