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I asked her about the 3 month fixed rate plan that I was signing up for, and she told me that they would NOT return my security deposit at the end of the 3 month plan. Thank you for your feedback.

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We apologize for the confusion. All deposits are returned if payments are made. We will coach our Customer Care Team to ensure consistent understanding and communication of the deposit process. If you are still interested in our offers, please give us a call at , and we can discuss your options.

Great rates amazing customer service reps! Hassle free! The order experience was so quick and fuss free thus, I was stress free.

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For the first time, I feel that I am being billed accurately and honestly. I am more than satisfied with Star Tex Power. Two thumbs up!

I transferred service to my new residence and disconnected at the house I sold. Somehow a new account number was created in my name that I could no see when I logged into my account. They billed me for 3 months of power usage for the house I sold.

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Called them and they will not come off wanting to be paid. Goodbye Startex - was a customer for 9 years. Last month we went over in usuage: kWh. Last year we only went above twice. Bill was very high. Called hoping something could be worked out, I even asked for any suggestions. Only suggestion was watch a tape on how to use electricity, ouch!

Looks like I will have to change companies to save money.

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Variable-rate — Customers who do not want a long-term contract can choose the month-to-month flexibility of a variable-rate supply plan. This type of plan gives consumers the ability to switch plans or providers at the end of each month, but the market price per kWh is likely to change each month. Updated: Get Rates.

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The "transition" rate is the rate for the first bill after your contract expires; however, the month-to month rate may change at any time after that at StarTex Power's sole discretion. Click here for a quick overview of your bill. Your electric bill is made up of two main categories: the generation, or electricity supply portion and the delivery, or TDU portion.

Your electric utility is allowed to charge delivery fees to everyone who gets electricity distributed to their home.

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The fees enable it to maintain its delivery infrastructure, including poles, wires and transformers. These charges are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are passed through to you without any markup.

For this reason, the total TDU surcharge amount will vary each month depending on your monthly kilowatt-hour usage. The amount you are billed may include price changes allowed by law or regulatory actions. StarTex Power passes the charge directly through to our customers without any mark-up. For example, if you move into a new residence in Houston and choose a StarTex Power as your retail electricity provider, the local TDU assesses a one-time connection fee.

The average price is where you can see the overall cost of your electricity consumption and what you can use to compare your rate to any other rate in the market. Current customers, with valid email addresses, should have received an email from us with their customized URL.

Instantly compare StarTex Power Electricity Plans & Rates. Call to Enroll 866-604-1859.

If you have not received your customized URL from us, please contact our customer care team by phone at Monday-Friday 7 a. Love OUR [Constellation]! Constellation is the BEST. Low rates, you get free air conditioning service included. I used the air conditioning service today for a check and any repairs needed. But it will also be interesting to watch and see if Constellation continues to buy their way into competitive electricity markets, and at what rate.

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